Aviation Photography is probably one of the most difficult and sometimes most frustrating! types of photography to get right, especially the photographing of Military Aircraft.

Just getting near enough to photograph them is hard enough, and when we do, for example at an Airshow, their invariably surrounded by cones, ropes or barriers, not to mention a considerable number of people (Why so many people want to spend all day in the sun looking at and photographing aircraft is a mystery to me!!)

Photocalls and Base visits are another source (Much harder to find but more likely to provide results) for shooting aircraft. But even these good events can bring problems, Light towers and cluttered backgrounds are some of the problems likely to be accountered, not to mention the weather (Don't start me on the weather!!!). Good photo opportunities can not only be found inside airfields but also outside. The majority of airbases in Europe are quite accessible, by either shooting on the approaches or taxiways (this type of photography isn't as easy in the United States because of the size of their airfields, neither is it advisable to try it in such countries as Libya, unless of course you're happy to spend 25 years incarcerated or worse...)

Throw in the small problems - such as weather (Don't start me on the weather!!!), what film/lenses to use?, correct exposure, what to do with the pictures, after all that trouble you've been through to get them? - and you can see that aviation photography can be, at times, a right pain in the ass!

So welcome to Photo School, where we hope the following pages will provide some light hearted advice/information for budding aviation photographers. Most of the information has been said and published before...So we've decided to do it all over again!!

All views/comment/opinions/mistakes are entirely the authors and we apologize if they don't correspond with your opinions......
also as stated above a sense of humour is not optional!

Photo School is comprised of the following sections, split over four pages
Camera Equipment
In this section we look at the equipment required for aviation photography (Like a Camera for instance!) and also some of the optional extras, that can help make the photographers life a bit easier ( i.e. The new Kodak Portable Sunlight & Coffee Maker!)

Film Choice
Mainly concentrating on Kodak's Kodachrome range of slide film, we also have a look at the other main types of film available.

Yes it can get pretty cold in England during August...Eh...Instead of looking at Cold weather gear, we thought we'd be adventurous and look at how to try to get correct exposures of aircraft.
Tools of the trade
Trees or Light poles growing out of the top of your shots?...then you need to have a look at this section, where we hope to provide some hints on how best to compose your photos.
Techniques 1
Storing & Using
Storage & Filing Coming Soon
Little yellow boxes all over the place? Can't find that slide of B-58A Hustler 59-2454? Then this section, where we have a look at some storage and filing options, might give you some ideas.

Trading & Selling Coming Soon
You know them A-1H Skyraiders you shot on that sunny day at Miramar in 1967 on K25...Well I'll trade you some RAF Hawk T.1A's (circa 1999) for those...
Yep you guessed it, here we look at trading and selling your slides and some of the pitfalls to be avoided.

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Scan & Manipulate Coming Soon
Like the scans on this site? What do ya mean ..NO! Eh well you definitely don't want to look at this section then. This section shows how we do the scans at Sharpshooter and also look at some of the hardware & software available.
Techniques 2
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